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Vancouver Special Delivery 3

beauty to kiss with social bungalow
or tempt cakey answers maverick  
Vancouverique to special theories of
relativity - my family-land my clothes
how I hang on the banister mulling
a pot of tea - what dolls on the window ledge
how sleepy the slippers of elsewhere
and Grace's front lawn awaiting  
its tulips, its reflective roses,  
makes a roast of lamb in the oven
prefer candlelight and a litter of puppies
faces - time once more to begin
a play to begin a wood further east
time to mind, time to sow  
a little more lettuce

Meredith Quartermain




Meredith Quartermain's most recent book is Recipes from the Red Planet (BookThug
2010). Vancouver Walking won the BC Book Award for Poetry. Matter and Nightmarker, which appeared in 2008, have been described by the Dalhousie Review as "perhaps the two most noteworthy titles" in recent radical poetry, on the one hand as "prescient, daring," and on the other as "undoing the knot of human understanding."