previous tenants  

Well Situated

Stucco. Back-deck barbecue. iPhone photos
of elsewhere with Chardonnay.
No two bedrooms under 500 K.
Talk of off-roading
strollers. Alaskan cruises. High School
hairdressers. (Look! Main street sunset
a stirred cocktail, cedar tree, blueblack Grouse
Mountain's necklace of double diamond
ski runs at dusk.) Look at this. (No one looking).
Blueberry pie from Wholefoods. Whole Salmon.
Diamond rings. Ripping up the carpet. Curtains.
Do I want a Korean girl in the lower, practicing her violin?
We might flip it. (No. Look at this.) Nothing. New apps.
A raven eating mussels from the neighbour's garbage.

Heather Jessup




Heather Jessup grew up in Vancouver and now divides her time between Halifax and Toronto. Her first novel, The Lightning Field, will be published this Fall with Gaspereau Press.