previous tenants  

Vancouver, a dream

orange & blue twilight morning
chipped grey paint on a rusted railing,


observe dew evaporating on pavement
contemplate morning glory choking backyard roses
(they exhaled heaven sent scents)

Vancouver Special
nothing special at all
a college student
a minimum wage worker
a self declared artist

 your glass castles break
(into) dreams
you shatter egos


sameness substituted for saneness
becoming a death wish by accident
double march to Armageddon's song

Coastal City

Where will you be when Ocean exalts wrath?
Who will stand in tsunami path
we altered nature unthinkingly
unleashing water's flame
melting frozen methane
from seabottom subterranean vents

can poetry bridge Acheron?
can spirit overcome ignorance?
can the Vancouver special save us all
with its assurance of stability and a better life?
or is it just a mask that hides strife

chipped paint on a rusted railing
morning glory choking roses

Ezekiel Bones




A former resident of the city of Vancouver who still hears her poetry in reeking piss alleys