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1,000 Renovations.

Life is a grave,
A ticking clock that nothing can save.
Where truth lays on the surface, and
Lies lie deep within.
Yet we search for reasons,
Wondering what we're in.
We're walking down the road,
With our eyes wide closed.
Ignoring all our answers, and
Leaving our hearts exposed.
In our last moments,
When we say goodbye,
We're still asking the question,
The question that is Why?
A simple question,
But one we can't avoid.
Only then we open our eyes,
To see we're in the void.
Life is a simple question,
That leaves the answers clear. 
All that glitters are stuck in the surface,
Where they never disappear.
It's us who bury the truth with,
A thousand renovations.
When the truth sets us free,
We'll be left with life's foundations.